the FUSIoN  Project

for junior high girls

A program that offers junior high girls a place to 




Inner strength

& Overcome


At an age when most girls struggle with a sense of worthlessness, FUSIoN provides the chance for them to rediscover their value. Each girl is encourage to see their uniqueness and celebrate who they are.

One of the best ways to feel empowered is to help others. FUSIoN offers girls the opportunity to reach out in various ways to serve other people.

We want every junior high girl to be confident, competent and self assured.
We teach all girls that they are competent. We provide programs to help them feel empowered in their ability to handle life.


The FUSIoN Project is a FREE after school program for junior high girls. It is a place for girls to  join other girls their age and be built up rather than torn down, learn their value rather than focus on their perceived deficits and learn life skills rather  than struggling in self doubt.  

Important numbers:

3.2 million children are bullied every year by age 14
1.5 million high school students suffer physical abuse from a partner
300,000 children are sex trafficked every year

Our mission is to empower junior high girls to reach for their full potential by recognizing their strengths and owning and celebrating who they are; in so doing, lowering their risk of victimization.  We do not want any girl to become a statistic. So  girls get the chance to develop social skills, value their uniqueness, build character and diminish potential of victimization in a supportive, fun, and safe environment. All girls are welcome.